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If you’re after a bit of an adventure on your next visit to the beautiful Far North QLD region, why not try a hire 4WD Cairns company so you can truly explore the area. Cairns has long remained one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, with its unique blend of reef and rainforest attractions on offer. For many though, the best way to explore the untouched areas of this picturesque location is with a 4WD hire from Cairns. While some hire 4WD Cairns companies offer half or full day guided tours, many guests prefer to rent their own vehicle so they can explore the region at their own pace. If this sounds like something you’d love to do, just be sure you've packed all the essential supplies for your 4wd trip. After all, it’s a long way to the nearest convenience store once you get out into the outback!



Things To Pack On Your 4WD Hire Cairns Trip

Located in the QLD tropics, Cairns is certainly well known for its hot and humid weather conditions. If you’re planning a hire 4WD Cairns adventure then you need to be sure you’ve packed for the heat. Sunscreen, long sleeved clothing, and wide brimmed hats are essential items for the harsh sun in Far North QLD. If you’re planning on doing some exploring at each location you visit, a decent pair of closed in, heavy duty shoes is a good idea.

Many tourists choose a hire 4WD Cairns adventure so they can partake in some of the region’s famous fishing spots. Even the keenest fisherman among us can’t guarantee a bite every time, so be sure you've packed extra food for the trip. Perishables are best, along with fresh fruit and vegetables, and loads of water for drinking. Visit one of the many camping stores in the area to stock up on supplies, or see what our 4WD hire reservation staff suggest for your trip.

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Planning your Hire 4WD Cairns Trip

Before you set off on your 4WD hire from Cairns trip, it’s best to speak to the hire 4WD cairns reservations staff to discuss some possible locations to visit. As experts in the region they'll know the ins and outs of every location in the area. Make sure you have a reliable map and GPS at your disposal, as the region is vast, and can become confusing even to the Cairns locals.

Most importantly, stay safe and aware of any dangers at all times. You'll be amazed at the sights you see when you hire 4WD Cairns vehicle for yourself.