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4x4 rental cairns

This text needs to be edited, its correct for the tour though- One of the most popular destinations for those interested in a 4x4 rental Cairns is the Cape York region, located in Far North QLD. Both locals and tourists alike will agree that a visit to the area is truly the experience of a lifetime.


Things To Pack On Your 4WD Hire Cairns Trip

Cape York covers roughly 115,000 square kilometres of unique Australian scenery, and is home to a diverse range of local wildlife. To truly experience everything this beautiful region has to offer, a 4x4 rental Cairns is the vehicle of choice.

Although the area is widely untouched, there are some must-see destinations for anyone visiting the region. The most popular is located at the very tip of Australia in the Cape York Peninsula, where many visitors have posed for pictures while standing in this remarkable spot. Weipa is home to some spectacular fishing spots, generally unaffected by the main population. Laura boasts the largest collection of prehistoric rock art in the world, and is home to the annual Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival. All of these sites, and many other heritage listed locations, are accessible when you hire a 4x4 rental Cairns.

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Planning your Hire 4WD Cairns Trip

Both the East and West coasts of Cape York are reachable in a 4WD, and each offers beaches unlike any other in Australia. Some permits are required, depending on the area and activity, but our experienced reservation consultants can let you know of any possible restrictions as your plan your trip.

Visitors to the area can choose to take their 4x4 rental Cairns vehicle to camp in the outdoors at a designated camping ground, or spend the night in one of the many local accommodation options available. Camping is the ideal choice for those who want to experience everything that nature has to offer, whereas the local motels offer an extra touch of comfort for your trip. Our 4x4 rental Cairns companies can tailor a package that is suitable for each guest, allowing for an individual experience each and every time.

If you’re looking for something a little different from the average Cairns holiday, a 4WD adventure will satisfy even the most adventurous explorers. The options are limitless; with guided tours, car rental, flights, or even cargo boat packages available. The Cape York region opens up a world of diverse nature and scenery not found anywhere else in the world. 4x4 rentals Cairns is the only way to visit this special part of Australia up close and personal.